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Liturgy and Prayer


"The best general recent source for all recognized Anglican communities is The Anglican Religious Life Yearbook site which may be accessed online: <https://arlyb.org.uk/>" -- Robert Leo, OHC.

Religious Life


The Fourteen "Benedictine" Cathedrals of England

[BB Heim: Abbot with crosier] Canterbury
Saint Alban
Westminster Abbey, London
York Minster

US Cathedrals of Note

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Illustrations are used only for educational purposes:
"The Compass Rose," designed by Canon Edward West, NYC, is the symbol of the Anglican Communion. The example above is based on a version in brass at Canterbury Cathedral designed by Giles Bloomfield. The Greek inscription translates to "The truth shall make you free."
Abbot with veiled crosier by Abp. Bruno B. Heim (Apostolic Delegate to the United Kingdom, 1973-86), Heraldry in the Catholic Church, (Humanities Press, 1978) 61. © Copyright 1978 by B.B. Heim..

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