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Completed Cath. Enc. articles of monastic relevance
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Gall, Saint
Gall, Abbey of Saint, famous scriptorium
Gérard, Abbot of Brogne, Saint
Germain, Saint, Bishop of Paris
Gertrude the Great, Saint, mystic and author
Gethsemani, Abbey of Our Lady of (Trappist)
Gothic Architecture
Gregory I (the Great) -- Pope (590-604), Benedict's "biographer"
Gregory II -- Pope (715-31) and Saint
Gregory VII -- Pope (1073-85) and Saint
Gregory XVI -- Pope (1831-46)
Guigo de Castro OCart (Guigues du Chastel)

Harding, St. Stephen, founding Cistercians
Hilda, Saint, Abbess of Whitby
Hildegard, Saint, Rhenish mystic and author
Hours, Canonical
Hours, Liturgy of the
Hroswitha of Gandersheim, poet and playwright, Catholic Terence
Huelgas de Burgos (Cistercian abbey)

Iona, School of (Book of Kells)
Iucunda Sane -- On Pope Gregory the Great (Pope Pius X -- 12 Mar 1904)

Jacob of Jüterbogk
Jerome, Saint
Juan de Albi

Kells, Book of, Celtic artistry
Kells, School of

Latin Literature in Christianity (Before the Sixth Century)
La Trappe, (Cistercian Reform)
Lérins, Abbey of, important center of learning
Liesborn, Master of
Liessies, Abbey of
Lindisfarne, Ancient Diocese and Monastery of
Lorsch Abbey, scriptorium

Mabillon OSB, Dom Jean, greatest Maurist
Macrina the Younger, Saint
Malmesbury, The Monk of
Martin of Tours, Saint
Mary of Egypt, Saint
Mass, Music of the
Maurists, The (the reform Congregation of learning)
Maurus, Saint, disciple of Benedict
Melania (the Younger), Saint
Mechtilde of Magdeburg
Monasteries, Double
Monasteries in Continental Europe, Suppression of
Monasteries in England, Suppression of
Monasticism, Eastern
Monasticism, Pre-Chalcedonian
Monasticism, Western

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