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Britannica Online * Encyclopedia of Monasticism (2v., Chicago, 2000)

Some completed Cath. Enc. articles of monastic relevance (A - F; G - M; N - S; T - Z):

Abbo Cernus
Abbon (Abbo), St.
Abbot, Commendatory
Abbot, Lay
Abelard, Peter
Abingdon, Abbey of
Achéry, Lucas d' (Maurist)
Adam of Perseigne (Cistercian)
Adamnan, Saint -- Abbot of Iona (624-704)
Adelaide, Saint -- Abbess (d. 1015)
Administrator (of Ecclesiastical Property)
Ado of Vienne
Adrian of Canterbury, St.
Adso (abbot)
Aelfric, Abbot of Eynsham
Aelred, Saint, the English St. Bernard
Afflighem (abbey)
Agnes of Bohemia, Saint (of Prague)
Agnes of Montepulciano, Saint
Aiblinger, Johann Caspar
Aidan of Lindisfarne, Saint
Alain d'Isle (Alanus de Insula)
Alan of Tewkesbury (abbot)
Alan of Walsingham (Benedictine architect)
Albergati, Niccolo (Carthusian bishop and cardinal)
Alberic of Monte Cassino
Alberic of Ostia
Albert of Stade
Alcuin of York (of Tours)
Aldegundis, Saint
Aldersbach (abbey)
Aldhelm, Saint (abbot and bishop)
Alexandre, Dom Jacques (Maurist)
Alfieri, Pietro
All Souls' Day
Almond, John (Cistercian)
Alto, Saint
Amalarius of Metz (early liturgist)
Ambrose of Camaldoli, Saint
Amiatinus, Codex
Ampleforth Abbey (Yorkshire, UK)
Ancren Riwle (Rule for Anchoresses)
Andechs (abbey)
Anderton, Thomas
Anselm, Saint, founding father of scholasticism
Ansegisus, Saint
Anselm, Saint (abbot)
Anselm, Saint (Abp. of Canterbury)
Anthony of the Desert, Saint, Monastic Patriarch
Anthony, Orders of Saint
Aran, Monastic School of
Arbroath, Abbey of
Architecture, Gothic
Armellino, Mariano
Art, Christian
Art, Ecclesiastical

Baithen of Iona, Saint
Baker OSB, David Augustine, mystic and ascetic writer
Baldwin of Canerbury
Bangor Abbey
Basil the Great, Saint
Basil, the Rule of Saint
Bath Abbey
Bath and Wells
Battle Abbey
Beaulieu Abbey
Bec, Abbey of
Bede, The Venerable, historian, chronologist
Benedict, Medal of Saint
Benedict, Rule of Saint
Benedict Biscop, Saint
Benedict of Aniane, Saint
Benedict of Nursia, Saint, Patriarch of Western Monasticism, Co-Patron of Europe
Benedictbeuron, Abbey of
The Benedictine Order
Benefit of Clergy
Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint, prime Cistercian
Bernard of Cluny
Berno (Abbot of Reichenau)
Berthold of Reichenau
Bertin, Saint (Abbot of St. Omer)
Bertulf, Saint (Abbot of Bobbio)
Beuno, Saint (Welsh abbot)
Birth, Defect of (illegitimacy)
Biscop, Saint Benedict
Bobbio, Abbey and Diocese of
Bocking OSB, Edward
Boniface, Saint, Apostle of Germany
Book of Kells, Insular manuscript
Botulf, Saint
Boy Bishop
Boyle Abbey
Braun, Placidus
Breviary, Reform of the Roman (1913)
Brigid of Ireland, Saint
Bruno, Saint, founder of the Cathusians
Buckfast Abbey
Buildings, Ecclesiastical
Burial, Christian
Bursfeld, Abbey of
Bury St. Edmonds, Abbey of
Butler OSB, Mary Joseph (abbess)

Cædmon, Saint, seventh-century author of Biblical poems in Anglo-Saxon
Cæsarius of Heisterbach, Cistercian monk (1170-1240)
Canonical hours
Carolingian Schools. "Let every monastery and every abbey have its school, in which boys may be taught the Psalms, the system of musical notation, singing, arithmetic and grammar" (Charlemagne, 789 A.D.).
Carthusian Order, The (hermits)
Cassian, John
Catherine, Monastery of Saint
Celestine Order, The (1254-18th c.)
Chant, Gregorian
Chapter and Conventual Mass
Chapter House
Charlemagne and Church Music
Chartreuse, La Grande
Cistercian Sisters
Citeaux, Abbey of
Clairvaux, Abbey of
Columba, Saint, Abbot of Iona (521-597)
Columbanus, Saint, Irish Abbot (543-615)
Contemplative Life
Contractus, Hermann, 11th c. Stephen W. Hawking
Cowl (cucullus, cuculla)
Cuthbert, Saint, England's wonder-worker
Cassian, John, desert reporter
Crosier (pastoral staff)

Daniel of Winchester
Denis, Saint (Dionysius)
Divine Office
Double Monasteries

Einhard, Charlemagne's biographer

Fiacre, Saint (abbot)
Florence of Worcester, chronicler
Frances of Rome, Saint, oblate
Fulgens Radiatur: On Saint Benedict (Pius XII, 1947)

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