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Page numbers refer to A Benedictine Martyrology: being a revision of Rev. Peter Lechner's Ausführliches Martyrologium des Benedictiner-Ordens und seiner Verzweigungen by Alexius Hoffmann, O.S.B. (Collegeville, MN: St. John's Abbey, 1922).

The hypertext links used to refer to the proper entries in Calendar of Christian Historical Biographies, a reference page to biographies written over several years' time by James Kiefer for the old Christia Discussion List. Mr. Kiefer has changed locations for most of the files, and this OSB section is scehduled for a comprehensive review and re-ordering as well.

Traditionally, information about the saints has been ordered by the date of the Saint's or Blessed's feast day, usually, but not always, the date of the venerated person's death. This is the order of entries used by Lechner and Hoffmann as well before the thorough revision of the Roman Calendar in 1969.


Sabinian, St., of Carmeri, 151.
Sabinian, St., of Cordova, 150.
Salaberga, St., 240.
Salome, Bl, 169.
Salvius, Bl., 192.
Salzburg, Congregation of, (now Austrian; approved 7 Dec. 1641; united to the Congregation of Saint Joseph 8 Dec. 1930), 304.
Sancia, Bl, 72.
Sandrad, Bl, 215.
Santuccia, Bl., 79.
Savinus, Ven., 244.
Savolus, 30.
Scholastica, St., 39.
Sebastian, of Villoslado, 303.
Sebbi, St., 220.
Sennorina, St., 109.
Seraphina Caietana, 204.
Serenicus, St., 124.
Sergius, abp. of Damascus, d. in Rome 981, f. 11 Nov., 280.
Servus Dei, St., 12.
Sethrida, St., 9.
Severa, St., 188.
Severin, St., 272.
Sexburgis, St., 175.
Siagrius, St., 137.
Sibylla of Gagis, Bl., 256.
Sicharia, St., 31.
Sidonius, St., 283.
Sifard, 136.
Sigbert, St., 180.
Sigfrid, St., 213.
Sigirada, St., 199.
Sigo, Bl., 155.
Sigolena, Bl., 191.
Sigred, Ven., 129.
Silvester Gozzolini, St., 293.
Silvester, Bl., of Florence, 152.
Silvestrines, Congreg. of 168.
Simeon, St., of Cava, 285.
Simeon, St., of Policastro, 191.
Simeon, of Camaldoli, 239.
Simeon, of Vallombrosa, 206.
Simon of Crespy, St., 248.
Simon, Bl., of Aune, 54.
Simon, Ven., of Caziae, 225.
Simpert, St., 259.
Simplicius, St., 86.
Sisebutus, St., 73.
Siviard, St., 59.
Sola, St., 300.
Spanish Congregation, (est. 23 July 1454), 190.
Speciosus, St., 73.
Sperandea, St., 231.
Sperandeus, Bl., 120.
Spinela, 272.
Spinolus, St., 154.
Stephen, St., of Rieti, 43.
Stephen, St., of Verdun, 12.
Stephen Harding, St., 85, 103.
Stephen Sanctius, St., 200.
Stephen IV, Bl., Pope, 28.
Stephen, Bl., of Palermo, 319.
Stephen X, Pope., 87.
Stephen, cardinal, 43.
Stephen, of Obazine, 65.
Stephen, of Upsala, 60.
Sturmius, St., 312.
Sugerius, 15.
Suitbert, St., 60.
Suitbert the Younger, St., 117.
Sulpitius Pius, St., 15.
Swiss Congegation, (est. 28 Feb. 1602), 58.
Swithin, St., 171.
Sylvanus, St., 287.


Tanco, St., 46.
Tarasia, St., 159.
Taso, St., brother of St. Tato, d. 729, 10.
Tato, St., d. 729, 307.
Telechildis, St., 256.

Templars, Knights. At Troyes in France, the Military Order of Knights Templar, with the Cistercian Rule, was approved 14 January. The Order was suppressed in 1312 by Pope Clement V. 13.

Tethwius, St., 10.
Tetricus, St., 76.
Tetta, St., of Winburn, 268.
Tetta (Gebetrudis,) St., 277.
Tetwin, St., 194.
Thecla, St., 260.
Theobald, St., of St. Thibaut, 171.
Theobald, St., of Vangadizza, 146.
Theobald, St., of Vaux de Cernay, 177.
Theobald, Ven., of Canterbury, 114.
Theodard, St., 230.
Theodefrid, St., 254.
Theodemar, Bl., 13.
Theodemir, 191.
Theoderic, Bl., 214.
Theodore, Bl, 64.
Theodoric, St., of Orleans, 24.
Theodoric, Ven., of Croyland, 244.
Theodoric, Ven., of St. Evroul, 196.
Theodulph, St., 165.
Theofred, St., 263. St. Theodefrid, bishop of Amiens, was so splendidly endowed with high gifts of mind and heart, that at the instance of Queen Bathildis he was ap pointed first abbot of Corbie, which she had founded. He was a monk of Luxeuil at the time. Having ruled his abbey successfully several years he was promoted to the see of Amiens and died about 690. October 8. -- Mab.
Theogerus, Ven., 116.
Theorigitha, St., 24.
Thesaurus Beecheria, 232.
Thiagrinus, 320.
Thiemo, St., 246.
Thiento, Bl., 92.
Thietland, St., 143.
Thomas, St., of Farfa, 305.
Thomas a Becket, St., 322.
Thomas, Bl., of Umbria, 82.
Thomas Lombard, 199.
Thomas, of Arnsburg, 316.
Thomas, of Dunes, 129.
Thorfinus, Bl., 8.
Tibba, St., 64.
Tilbert, St., of Hexham, 227.
Tilbert, Ven., of Ripon, 129.
Tillo, St., 6.
Torelli Bl., 75.
Totto, Bl., first abbot of Ottobeuron, d. 19 Nov. 815, 287.

Translation of St. Benedict. Fleury (St. Benôit sur Loire) and many other monasteries commemorate on 11 July the Translation of the relics of Saints Benedict and Scholastica about the year 652, in the reign of King Clovis II. During the Norman invasion the remains were hidden in different places and for a long time reposed in the church of St. Anian at Orleans, until they were finally carried back to Fleury. On 20 March 1107 they were placed in an eleborate shrine in the presence of King Louis VI and of bishops John II of Orleans and Humbald of Auxerre. When the commendatory abbot Aventin apostatized in 1561, he appropriated the costly reliquary but left the contents with Prior Foubert. The relics were placed in a silver shrine in 1653. Several other monasteries claim to possess relics of St. Benedict-- notably Monte Cassino and Metten. The relics of St. Scholastica were at one time preserved in Mans. 179.

Troncharius, St., 224.
Turketul, Ven., 180.
Tussanus, Bl., 292.

Tutelo, Bl., 113. Bl. Tutelo monk of St Gall's in Switzerland, was of noble descent and was born about 840. Deeming honors and pleasures worthless in comparison with the priceless pearl of eternal life, he became a monk at St. Gall's and shone among his brethren not only by his excellent natural gifts but also by his virtue. His name was known far beyond the walls of the monastery. Educated by Iso and Marcellus, with Notker Balbulus and Ratpert, he was endowed with a bright intelligence, spirit and wit, had an attractive exterior and a dignified bearing was cheerful and affable, was a painter, sculptor, architect and goldsmith. At the same time he was very devout, often shed tears while at prayer and was a mirror of humility and condescension. St. Gall's mourned his loss in the year 909. Feast, 27 April.

Tuto, Bl., 130.


Ulfo, 192.
Ulric, St., of Augsburg, 174.
Ulric, St., of Breisgau, 183.
UIric, Bl., of Kaisersheim, 98.
Ultan, St., 118.
Urban II., Bl., Pope, 193.
Urban V., Bl., Pope, 314.
Ursicinus, St., 315.
Ursmar, St., 105.
Utto, Bl., 251. Bl. Utto, first abbot of Metten in Bavaria, came from Italy and devoted himself to the exercises of perfection under the direction of the pious priest Gammelbert, who subsequently sent him to minister to the faithful at Michelsbuch. The wars at that time waged by Charlemagne in those regions compelled him to leave and fix his abode across the Danube. There Charlemagne found him, and encouraged him to establish a monastery, for which that prince is said to have furnished the means. This was the beginning of the monastery of Metten, of which Utto was the first abbot in 792. He ruled the monastery for thirty-six years and passed to his reward about 828. His veneration was approved on August 25, 1909. Metten was suppressed in 1803, but restored in 1830 and is the mother-house of the American-Cassinese Congregation of Benedictines. -- Boll.; Album Ben.


Valerius, St., 55.
Vallombrosa, Congreg. of, 94.
Vannes, Congreg., of St., 172.
Venerius, Ven., 232.
Ventila, St., 317.
Verdino, 268.
Veremund, St., of Meda, 44.
Veremund, of Gerace, 65.
Vicelinus, St., 308.
Victor III.Bl., Pope, 235.
Victor, Ven., 57.
Victorian, St., 11.
Villanus, St., 156.
Vimius, St., 155.
Vincent,St., of Leon, 69.
Vincent, St., of Lerins, 287.
Vincent, St., of Soignies, 182.
Violanza de Sousa, 57.
Virgilius, St., 294.
Virilus, St., 249. St. Virilus, abbot of San Salvador at Leira in Navarra, lived in the reign of King Inigo in the ninth century. His remains were venerated for a long time, but little is known of his life and virtues. -- Boll.; Yepez.

Vision of St. Benedict. Commemoration on 30 October of the remarkable vision in which our holy Father Saint Benedict, in 541, saw the world before his eyes, collected, as it were, under a single ray of the sun, and saw the soul of Germanus, bishop of Capua, carried to heaven by angels, as it is related by Saint Gregory the Great in his Second Book of Dialogues (chapter 35). 271.

Vitalis, St., of Salzburg, 264.
Vitalis, St., of Savigny, 6.
Vivina, St., 313.
Vulgisus, St., 34.
Vulrich, Ven., 244.


Walabonsus, St., 150.
Walafrid, St., 46.
Walaricus, St., 308.

Walburga, St., 54, Feb. 25. St. Walburga, abbess at Eichstaett in Bavaria, was the daughter of an English prince and the sister of Sts. Wunibald and Willibald. She consecrated herself to God in the monastery of Winburn in England and at the invitation of St. Boniface came to Germany with St. Lioba and several other nuns in 758. Having spent two years at Bisdhofsheim under the direction of St. Lioba, Walburga was appointed abbess of Heidenheim where her virutes shone with renewed luster. She attained to intimate communion with Our Lord through contemplation and the exercises of active life. After her brother, Willibald, had been consecrated bishop of Eichstaett, he summoned Wuniblad to assist him in planting the faith in those parts. Recognizing the importance of monastic institutions in the development of a Christian people, Wunibald established a monastery at Heidenheim for monks who were to educate boys. Near by, both brothers built a house for nuns and appointed Walburga its superior. She governed both institutions after Wunibald's death. In 777 she witnessed the solelmn translation of his remains to Eichstaett and on February 25, 779, she followed him into the region of endless happiness. In 870 her remains were carried to Eichstaett where they rest in a monastery of Benedictine nuns. A liquid know as St. Walburga's Oil oozes from a rock in which she is buried, and it has afforded relief to many who used it devoutly. She is titular saint of many churches in Germany, Brabant, Flanders and France.
118. On 3 May is celebrated at Eichstaett in Bavaria the translation of the remains of St. Walburga from Heidenheim to Eichstaett in 870.

Walburga Diepolder, 220.
Waldebert, St., 118.
Waldetrudis, St., 96.
Walter, St., of Pontoise, 95.
Walter, Bl., of Bierbeke, 21.
Walter, of Cluny, 95.
Walter, of Mondsee, 132.
Walthen, St., 198.
Wando, Bl., 103.
Wandregisilus, St., 189.
Wendelin, St., 264.
Wereburg, St., 32.
Werner, Ven., 148.
Wibald, 187.
Wiborada, St., 118.
Wicterp St., 103.
Wifred, Bl., 232.
Wigand, St.
Wigbert, St., 205.
Wilden, Ven., 129.
Wilfetrudis, St., 291.
Wilfrid, St., 110, 258.
Wilgis, St., 277.
Willehad, St., 277.
William St.,, of Bourges, 9.
William, St., of Dijon, 2.
William, St., of Monte Vergine, 166.
William St., of Valgellon, 142.
William, Bl, of Hirschau, 174.
William, Bl., of Maniaco, 297.
William Bardus, 316.
William Eynon, 290.
William Longue Epee, 313.
William of Ramsey
William of St. Thierry, 12.
William, of Villers, 137.
Willibald, St., 176.
Willibrord, St.
Wiltrudis, St., died c. 986. The widow of Duke Bertold of Bavaria, founded the Benedictine convent of Bergen near Neuburg on the Danube, and became its first abbess. Renowned for her skill in artistic handicrafts. Feast 6 Jan. (Carrie Bryan <cb1@OSI.COM>)
Wimo, St., 265.
Windric, 67.
Winefrid, St., 273.
Winewald, St., 138.
Winnebald, St.
Winoc, St., 238, 275.
Wirnto, 68.
Wistremund, St., 150.
Witburga, 75.
Witgar, 306.
Witmar, 305.
Witmer, Bl., 213.
Wittow, Nuns of 24.
Wolbert, Ven., 101.
Wolbodo, St., 105.
Wolfgang, St., 271.
Wolphelm, St., 108.
Worard, St., 138.
Wulfer, St., 307.
Wulfhildis, St., of Barking, 305.
Wulfhildis, Bl., of Wessobrunn, 125.
Wulfram, St., 78.
Wulmar, St., 187.
Wulsin, St., 7.
Wulstan, St., 18.
Wunibald, St., 313.


Ysarnus, St., 243,


Zachary, St., Pope, 73.
Zimius, St., 155.
Zosimus, St., 87.

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