The Order of Saint Benedict

Benedictine Saints A - F



Page numbers refer to A Benedictine Martyrology: being a revision of Rev. Peter Lechner's Ausführliches Martyrologium des Benedictiner-Ordens und seiner Verzweigungen by Alexius Hoffmann, O.S.B. (Collegeville, MN: St. John's Abbey, 1922).


The hypertext links used to refer to the proper entries in Calendar of Christian Historical Biographies, a reference page to biographies written over several years' time by James Kiefer for the old Christia Discussion List. Mr. Kiefer has changed locations for most of the files, and this OSB section is scehduled for a comprehensive review and re-ordering as well.

Traditionally, information about the saints has been ordered by the date of the Saint's or Blessed's feast day, usually, but not always, the date of the venerated person's death. This is the order of entries used by Lechner and Hoffmann as well before the thorough revision of the Roman Calendar in 1969.



Abbo, St., of Fleury, 282.
Abbo, Bl., of Auxerre, 300
Abel, St., 199.
Abundus, St., 77.
Acca, St., 239.
Acharius, St., 294.
Ada, St., 121.
Adalard, St., 2
Adalbero, St., 253. St. Adalbero, bishop of Augsburg, was descended from the Counts of Dillingen and became a monk at Ellwangen. He succeeded Hatto as abbot and in 887 was elected bishop of Augsburg. Emperor Arnulph confided to him the education of his son Louis, and authorized him to reform the monastery of Lorsch. The report of his virtues and valuable services to the Church reached far beyond the bounds of the country. He was a benefactor of many monasteries and twice visited St. Gall's. According to some of his biographers, he excelled all his contemporaries in music. After ably and faithfully ruling his diocese twenty years he died in 909. His remains rest in the church of SS. Ulric and Afra in Augsburg. October 6. -- Mab.; Boll.
Adalbert, St., of Magdeburg, 161.
Adalbert, St., of Prague, 109.
Adalgisus, St., 146.
Adalric, 136.
Adam, Bl., 310.
Adamnan, St., of Coldingham, 320.
Adamnan, St., of lotia, 241.
Adegrinus, St., 172.
Adela, St., and Irmina, b. 8th c. Irmina's wedding day saw the death of her husband; she entered a convent built for her by her father. Zealous supporter of missionaries. Adela, her sister, became a nun after her husband's death; founder, abbess of Opfalzel, mother of one son. 318.
Adelaide St., b. Burgundy, France. 931 - 16 Dec. 999. Refusal to marry led to her imprisonment. Married King Otto (20 years her junior), mother of five. After her emperor-husband's death she was rejected by son and daughter-in-law. Re-built monasteries and entered one <daigler@MARYWOOD1.MARYWOOD.EDU%gt;. 312.
Adelaide of Bellich, St., d. c. 1015 Germany; abbess of a monastery in Bellich, servant of the poor, feast 5 Feb.
Adelbert, St., of Echternach, 166.
Adelbert, of Oberaltaicb, 293.
Adelelm, St., of Burgos, 28.
Adelelm, St., of Engelberg, 54.
Adelenus, St., 168.
Adelgar, Ven., 131.
Adelgundis, St., of Maubeuge, 27.
Adelgundis, St., of Drongen, 162.
Adelhard, Ven., 320.
Adeloga, St., d. c. 745, princess, founder and abbess of a Benedictine convent at Kitsingen, Germany, feast 2 Feb.
Adelphius, St., 231.
Adelsindis, St., 318,
Aldetrudis, St., 790-841; 2nd abbess of Maubeuge.
Adelviva, Bl., 23.
Adelwin, Ven., 158.
Adeodata, Ven. 55.
Adjutor, St., 116.
Ado, St., 31 1.
Adolph, St., 4 1.
Adrian, St., 8.
Aegidius, St., 223.
Aelred, of Rievaulx, St., see Ailred, 11.
Aemilian, St. 68,
Agatho, St., Pope, 9
Agibodus, Ven. 200
Agilberta, St., 204.
Agilolf, St., 178.
Agilus, St., 220.
Agnellus, St., 310.
Agnes, empress, 318.
Agnes, of Venosa, 223.
Agofred, St., 163
Agrinus, Ven. 23.
Aicard, St., 234,
Aidan, St.
Aigulpb, St., 224.
Ailred, St., 1110-1167, Cistercian abbot of Rievaulx, a community of 300 monks, counted among the saints by the General Chapter of 1250, 11.
Aiman, 136.
Aimo, St., 3.
Alachrinus, Bl., 5.
Alanus, 186.
Alaric, St., 247.
Alawic, Ven., 129.
Alban Roe, Ven., 20.
Alberic, St., of Citeaux, 24.
Alberic, Ven., cardinal, 127.
Albero, 279.
Albert, St. of Crespin, 95.
Albert, St., of Sestri, 178.
Albert, Bl., of Bologna 135.,
Albert, Bl., of Monte Alceto, 6.
Albert, Bl., of Pontida, 226.
Albert, of Schoenberg, Bl., 6.
Albertin, Bl., 222.
Albuin, St., 268.
Alcantara, Knights of, 3.
Alchmund, St., 227.
Alcuin, Bl., 134.
Alda, Bl., 113.
Aldebertus, 73
Aldemar, St., 81
Aldetrudis, St., 54.
Aldhelm, St., 139.
Aldrich, St., 257.
Aldulf, Ven. 123.
Aldus, St., 9
Aleidis, St., of Villich, 34.
Aleidis, Bl., of Cambre, 154.
Alexander, of Citeaux, 194.
Alexander, Bl, of Foigny, 120.
Alexander III. Pope, 218.
Alfama, Knights of, 110.
Alferius, St., 98.
Alfric, St., 219.
Alfwold, St., 82.
Aligerno, Ven., 291.
All Saints O.S.B. (Nov. 13), 282.
All Souls, (Nov. 2), 272.
All Souls O.S.B., 283.
Alphege (see Elphage), 104.
Alphonse Henry, king, 290.
Alphonse, of Burgos, 21.
Altfried, St., 207.
Altigianus, St., 214.
Alto, St., 38.
Alvitus, St., 32O.
Amadeus, St., 25.
Amalberga, St., of Maubeuge, 179.
Amalberga, St., of Muensterbilsen, 179.
Amandus, St., of Lerins, 287.
Amandus, St., of Mastricht, 35.
Amaswind, 317.
Amatus, St., of Nusco, 221.
Amatus, St., of Remiremont, 233.
Amatus, St., of Sion, 232.
Ambrose Autpert, St., 186.
Ambrose Barlow, 230.
Ambrose Chevreux. 325.
American-Cassinese Congregation, (founded 24 Aug. 1855), 215.
Amicus, St., 274.
Amnichadus, St., 28.
Amor, St., 209.
Amulwinus, 38.
Anastasius, St., of Colocza, 281.
Anastasius, St., of Cordova, 156.
Anastasius, St., of St. Michel, 262.
Andrew, Bl., of Clairvaux, 94.
Andrew, of Clairvaux, 56.
Andrew, St., of Elnon, 36.
Andrew de Strumis, Bl., 68.
Angadrema, St., 260.
Angelrannus, Ven., 305.
Angelus al Aquapagana, Bl., 45.
Angelus de Masatio, Bl., 175.
Angelus, of Monte Cassino, 178.
Angelus Senesius, 296.
Angilbert, St., 48.
Anno, Ven., of Micy., 6.
Anno, Ven., of Worms, 239.
Ansbaid, St., 181.
Anschar, St., 31.
Anselm, St., of Canterbury, 106.
Anselin, St., of Lerins, 287.
Anselm, St., of Lucca, 75.
Anselm, St., of Nonantula, 61.
Anselm, of Hemmenrode, 299.
Ansbert, St., 38.
Ansegisus, St., 188.
Ansfried, Bl., 119.
Ansoaldis, Ven., 184.
Ansologus, 30.
Ansteus, St., 228.
Anstrudis, St., 262.
Ansuerus, St., 183.
Ansuin, 136.
Anthony de Winglic, 224.
Anthony, St., of Monte Cassino, 17.
Anthony St., of Rome, 16.
Antimus, St., 10.
Antonia of Orleans, 109.
Antonine, St., 44.
Apollinaris, St., of Monte Cassino, 294.
Apollinaris, Ven., of Monte Cassino, 19O.
Apparition at Toledo 313.
Appian St., 276.
Ardagnus, St., 41.
Ardo Smaragdus, St., 65.
Arduin, 310.
Argimirus, St., 168.
Armand J. de Rance, 269.
Arnaldus de Catani, Bl., 40.
Arno, 22.
Arnulph, St., of Gap, 239.
Arnulph, St., of Metz, 290
Arnulph, St., of Soissons, 207.
Arnulph, Bl., of Villers, 170
Aseelina, St., 214.
Asker, 244.
Attala, St., 67.
Attalus, St., 91.
Attilanus, St., 253. St. Attilanus, bishop of Zamora in Spain, was born at Tarazona in Spain in 939 and entered a monastery near that city when he was fifteen years of age. Attracted by the reputation of St. Froilan, he was permitted by his abbot to join this saintly solitary. After Froilan had built the monastery of Morerola, he appointed Attilanus as its prior. Both abbot and prior had won the esteem of the Spanish clergy in such a degree that Froilan was elected bishop of Leon, and Attilanus bishop of Zamora, which he governed for ten years. Fearing that he was unworthy to be a bishop, he left Zamora and wandered about for the space of two years begging his daily bread, till an inner voice ordered him to return to his see, which he continued to rule eight years, after which he died in the seventieth, year of his age in 1009. He was canonized by Pope Urban II, about 1095. October 5. -- Sandoval; Mab.; Boll.
Atto, St., 136.
Audomar, St., 229.
Augustine, St., 140.
Aunofledis, 60.
Aurea, St., of Cuteclara, 187.
Aurea, St., of Paris, 252.St. Aurea was appointed abbess of a monastery founded by St. Mar­tial at Paris in 631 and piously ruled a large community. A year previous to her death she received a premonition to prepare herself and her sisters for their approaching end. She was stricken by a pestilence and died, together with many of her sisters, on this day in the year 666. The city of Paris owes many favors to her intercession. October 4. -- Audoenus; Quetif; Butler.
Aurea, St., of St. Millan, 69.
Aurelian, St., 173.
Auremund, St., 178.
Austreberta, St., 630-704. Born near Therouanne, in Artois, daughter of St. Framechildis. Abbess of Abbeville (Port-sur-Somme) and Pavilly in Normandy, feast: 10 Feb., 40.
Austrian Congregation (old), (approved 28 July 1625), 193.
Austrian Congregations (new) (founded 23 Aug. 1889), 214.
Aymard St., 253. St. Aymard, abbot of Cluny and successor of St. Odo in 941, is described as a man distinguished for simplicity and regularity. Under his rule Cluny prospered both in numbers, fame and wealth; even bishops placed themselves under the obedience of the abbot. Although afflicted with blindness towards the end of his life, he never murmured. Having, with the consent of the brethren, designated Majolus as his assistant in 948, he lived in retirement to the time of his death in 964. -- St. Odilo; St. Peter Damiani.
Azo, 97



Babolenus, St., of St. Maur, 167.
Babolenus, St., of Malmedy, 167.
Badilo, Bl., 255. Bl. Badilo, an abbot as to whose identity little is known, since there are several bearers of the name, is buried in the monastery of Leuze, in the diocese of Cambrai and is venerated on this day. October 8. -- Mab.
Bainus, St., 161,
Balda, St., ;304.
Balderic, Bl., of Montefaucon, 210.
Balderic, of Salzburg, 5.
Baldwin, Bl., 213.
Balsamus, 292.
Baltherius, St., 295.
Balto, Bl., 321.
Bardo, St., 15:1.
Barking, Nuns of, 81
Barnard, St., 21.
Barontus, St,., 82.
Bartholomew, St., of Durham, 165.
Bartholomew, St., of Marmoutier, 53.
Bartholomew, of Poblete, 54.
Basilissa, St., 135.
Bathildis, St., 27.
Baudacharius, 316.
Bavarian Congregation, (founded 4 Aug. 1648), 218.
Bavo, St., 249. St. Bavo, or Alowinus, second founder and monk of St. Peter's at Ghent in Flanders, was born of illustrious parents in Brabant, and in vain strove for complete happiness in the pursuits of the world. After his wife's death he sought bishop Amandus, confessed his sins and devoted his fortune partly to the relief of the poor and partly to the support of churches and religious houses, particularly of the church of St. Peter, which Amandus had reared on the site of a pagan temple and to which he had added a monastery. Here Bavo received tonsure and the bishop adopted him among his clergy. With the bishop's leave Bavo visited a number of monasteries to derive edification from the lives of the religious. On his return to Ghent, the abbot Florbert permitted him to live in a cell near by, where he practiced remarkable mortifications, subsisted on bread and water, wept almost unceasingly and longed to be dissolved and to be with the Lord. When the hour of his death was at hand, he summoned the priest Domlinus from the distant monastery of Turnhout and expired in his presence in the year 654. -- Mab.; Boll. Also called Alloynus. Butler.
Beatrice of Este, Bl., Jan. 18, 17.
Beatrice of Este, Bl., May 10, 126.
Beatrice, Ven., nun of Nazareth, 194.
Bede, St., 141. About his tomb; his Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow.
Begga, St., 313.
Belgian Congregation, (founded 20 Feb. 1920), 325.
Bellendis, St., 33.
Bellerius, St., 127.
Benedict and Scholastica, Conf. of 279.
Benedict, St., Founder, 78.
Benedict, St., Translation of, 300.
Benedict, St., of Albenga, 42.
Benedict, St., of Braunau, 281.
Benedict, St., Camaldolese monk, 285.
Benedict, St., of Chiusa, 145.
Benedict, St., of Monte Cassino. 47.
Benedict, St., of Poitiers, 266.
Benedict, Bl., of St. Lawrence, 18.
Benedict, Bl., of Capua, 137.
Benedict Biscop. St., 11.
Benedict Kantwerk, 12.
Benedict of Aniane, St., 41.
Benedict of Sentino, 94.
Benedict, Sol. Comm., of, 179.
Benedieta, St., 285.
Benignus, St., of Moyenmoutier, 188.
Benignus, Bl., of Vallombrosa, 185.
Benincasa, Bl., 9.
Benno, St., of Meissen, 158.
Benno, Bl., of Metz, 198.
Benno, Ven., of Hamburg, 263.
Berard, St., 314.
Bercharius, St., 84.
Berengarius, St., 141.
Beringer, 270.
Berlinda, died 702; niece of St. Amandus, a Benedictine nun of St. Mary's convent at Moorsel, near Alost, Belgium; afterwards a recluse at Meerbeke., feast 3 Feb.
Bernard, St., cardinal 301.
Bernard, St., of Clairvaux, 210.
Bernard, St., of Poplet, 212.
Bernard, St., of Val de Iglesias, 212.
Bernard, St., of Vich, 266.
Bernard, of Tiron, St., 101.
Bernard Tolomei, Bl., 212.
Bernard, Bl., of Clairvaux, 297.
Bernard, Ven., of Marmoutier, 95.
Bernard, Ven., of Toledo, 91.
Bernard, of Maurienne, 268.
Bernard of Sauve-Majeure, 267.
Bernard, of Tarouca, 114.
Bernarius, Bl., 3.
Berneredus, Ven., 148.
Berno, Bl., 12.
Bernold, Bl., 292.
Bernward, St., 288.
Bertha, St., of Blangy, 173.
Bertha, Bl., of Cauriglia, 81.
Berthila, St., 274.
Bertharius, St., 265.
Berthold, St., of Steyergarsten, 192.
Berthold, Bl., of Loccum, 175.
Bertila, St., 3.
Bertilo, St., 83.
Bertin, St., 225.
Bertram, St., 22.
Bertrand, St., 288.
Bertulph, St., of Bobbie, 210.
Bertulph, St., of Renty, 34.
Betto, St., 55.
Beuno, St., 272,
Beuron, Congregation of, (first abbot blessed, 20 Sep. 1868), 240.
Bilhildis, St., 294.
Blaithmaic, St., 17.
Blidulph, St., 2.
Blithildis, 88.
Blitmundus, 3.
Bobinus, St., 28.
Bodo Leudinus, St., 231.
Bogumilus, St., 154.
Bohemian Congregation, 254, (extinct; statutes approved 1714) . October 6.
Boisil, St., 52.
Bonfilius, St., 245.
Boniface, St., Ap. of Germany, 148.
Boniface., St., Ap. of Russia, 45.
Boniface, St., of Lausanne, 48.
Boniface, St., of Villers, 149.
Bonitus, St., 14.
Bononius, St., 220.
Boso, 26.
Botulph, St., 159.
Botwin, Ven. 129.
Bova, St., 111.
Brazilian Congregation, New, (organized 5 Aug. 1895; orig. 1827), 210.
Briolaya, 269.
Brithunus, St., 130.
Brithwald, St., 8.
Brithwold, St., 16.
Bruno, St., of Segni, 185.
Bruno, Ven., of Hirschau, 80.
Bruno, Ven., of Verden, 66.
Bruno, of Ottobeuren, 318.
Bruno, of Paris, 25.
Bruno, of Scheyern, 236.
Bundlinus, St., 280.
Burkard, St., 260.
Burkard, Ven., 62.
Bursfeld, Congregation of, (extinct; est. 5 Dec. 1432), 302.



Cadroe, St., 63.
Caedmon, St., 41.
Calatrava, Knights of, (see Knights), 60.
Calatrava, Martyrs of, two thousand martyrs of the Order of knights and monks of Calatrava (Cistercian) who suffered tortures and death under the Moorish chieftain Jukaf on 19 July 1195 are commemorated in Spain. The church buit in honor of Our Lady over their remains wasrichly endowed with indulgences by Pope Leo X, 48.
Calvary, Congregation of, (erect. 22 Mar. 1621; now associated with Subiaco Congregation), 80.
Camaldolese Order, (approved 29 Oct. 1072), 270.
Candidus Furlong, 311.
Carlmann, Bl., 209.
Cassian Spiss, 206.
Cassinese Congregation, (founded as Congregation of St. Justina of Padua (23 Nov.) by Abbot Luigi Barbo in 1408, approved 1432), 291.
Catherine, of Milan, 315.
Celestine V. St., Pope, 133.
Celestine Order, 263.
Ceolfrid, St., 243.
Ceolwulf, St., 14.
Cecilia, St., of Remiremont, 205.
Cecilia, St., of Susteren, 285.
Chagnoald, St., 226.
Charles, St., 26.
Chelidonia, St., 259.
Christian, St., of Braunau, 281.
Christian, Ven., of Cologne, 79.
Christian, of Chartres, 192.
Christian, of Wuerzburg, 19.
Christ, Knights of, 126.
Christopher, St., 211.
Cincuinus, Bl., 160.
Cistercian Order, 79.
Clodesindis, St., 191.
Clotsendis, Bl., 169.
Clarus, St., of Seligenstadt, 30.
Clarus, St., of Vienne, 1.
Claudius Martin, 203.
Claudius, St., 149.
Clinius, St., 88.
Cluny, The Early Abbots of, (Bl. Berno, 12; St. Odo, 286; Majolus, 127; Odilo, 1; Hugh (Hugo), 115)
Columba, St., 237.
Columban, St., 289.
Columbin, St., 233.
Compagni, Bl., 255. Bl. Compagni, a Camaldolese monk at Padua, shone by his virtue throughout his life, and his sanctity is attested by the preservation of his body and by numerous miracles wrought at his tomb. He died in the year 1264. October 8. -- Boll.
Condedus, St., 265.
Condelue, St., 276.
Confraternity of SS.B. and S., 279.
Congan, ab., 268.
Congregation, American-Cassinese, (founded 24 Aug. 1855), 215.
Congregation, Austrian, (approved 4 July 1625), 193.
Congregation, Bavarian, (founded 4 Aug. 1648), 218.
Congregation, Belgian (now Annunication; erected 20 Feb. 1920), 325.
Congregation, Bohemian, (extinct, statutes approved 1714), 254.
Congregation, Brazilian, (organized 5 Aug. 1895; orig. 1827), 210.
Congregation, English, (est. 5 May 1603 in Spain), 138.
Congregation, French, (approved 5 Sep. 1837), 223.
Congregation, Helveto (Swiss) American, (est. 30 Sep. 1870; erected 5 April 1881), 94.
Congregation, Silvestrine, (approved 27 June 1247), 168.
Congregation, Spanish, (est. 23 July 1454), 190.
Congregation, Suabian, (extinct, approved 28 June 1725), 169.
Congregation, Swiss, (est. 28 Feb. 1602), 58.
Congregation of Beuron, (first abbot blessed, 20 Sep. 1868), 240.
Congregation of Bursfeld, (extinct; est. 5 Dec. 1432), 302.
Congregation of Calvary, (erect. 22 Mar. 1621; now associated with Subiaco Congregation), 80.
Congregation, of Cava, (extinct; founded in 1011 by St. Alferius, feast 12 Apr.; Cava is now a territorial abbey of the Cassinese Congregation), 99.
Congregation of Fiore, (founded by Bl. Abbot Joachim, May 29, approved 6 Aug. 1196; united to Citeaux in 1570), 217.
Congregation of Melida, (extinct; founded 28 Dec. 1548, it consisted of the monasteries of the Dalmatian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea), 322.
Congregation of Monte Corona (later Camaldolese), (est. 20 Feb. 1522 by Paul Giustiniani), 50.
Congregation of Poland [Holy Cross], (extinct; approved 22 May 1709), 137.
Congregation of Portugal, (extinct; anniv. of the foundation, 4 Apr. 1566), 93.
Congregation of St. Joseph, (extinct; est. at Constance 19 Mar. 1568; approved 1603), 77.
Congregation of St. Joseph, (now Austrian; confirmed 23 Aug. 1889), 214.
Congregation of St. Justina, (now Cassinese; feast of St. Justina on 23 Nov., founded by Abbot Luigi Barbo in 1408, approved 1432), 291.

Congregation of St. Maur, (approved 19 Jan. 1627, suppressed at the French Revolution; the Solesmes Congregation considers itself the successor of this celebrated literary Congregation that included Mabillon, d'Achery, Martene, Montfaucon and many others), 20.

Congregation of St. Ottilien, (founded in 1884, affiliated to the OSB Confederation 22 Nov. 1904), 290.
Congregation of St. Placidus, (extinct; founded in The Netherlands by Ven. Jaspard de Winck, who died at Afflighem in 1630, feast 16 Feb.), 46.
Congregation of St. Vannes, (founded 2 July 1600, authorized 7 Apr 1704; the Solesmes Congregation considers itself the successor of this Congregation), 172.
Congregation of Salzburg (now Austrian; approved 7 Dec. 1641; united to the Congregation of Saint Joseph 8 Dec. 1930), 304.
Congregation of Valladolid, (extinct; est. 23 July 1454 as the Spanish Congregation by Ven. Abbot Garcia de Cisneros), 190.
Congregation of Vallombrosa, (founded in 1036, approved 6 Apr. 1090, suppressed 1810, restored 1819, suppressed anew 1866, reconstituted 1949), 94.

Congregation of the Feuillants, (extinct; approved 5 May 1586; the members of St. Bernardo, Rome, had the privilege of making the waxen "Agnus Deis" that are blessed by the Popes every seven years.), 122.

Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, (now Austrian, est. 23 Aug. 1889), 214.
Congregation of the Primitive Observance, (Subiaco, recognized 1851, erected as a separate Congregation on 9 Mar. 1872), 67.
Conhojarn, Bl.,23.
Conrad, Bl., of Clairvaux, 45.
Conrad, Bl., of Engelberg, 119.
Conrad, of Heisterbach, 293.
Conrad, Bl., of Mondsee, 246.
Constabilis, St., 47.
Constantine, St., 188.
Conus, St., 147.
Convoyon, St., 4.
Corbinian, St., 229.
Cuthbert, St., 77. About his tomb.
Cuthburga, St., 221.
Cunegundis, St., 60.
Cumian, St., 152.
Cyran, St., 301.



Daniel, Bl., of Murano, 89.
Daniel, Ven., of Cambron, 18,
Daniel, of Schoenau, 168.
Daniel, of Hemmenrode, 204.
David, St., 183.
David (Dewi), St. of Wales.
Deocarus, St., 150.
Deodatus, St., 160.
Desiderius, St., of Longret, 264.
Desiderius, St., of Pistoja, 82.
Desiderius de la Cour, Ven., 283.
Deusdedit, St., 255. St. Deusdedit, fifteenth abbot of Monte Cassino, had governed that house six years when it was invaded by the tyrant Sicard, duke of Beneventum. As the abbot could not or would not deliver the money demanded by Sicard, he was thrown into a dungeon, where after suffering for a long time from cold and hunger, he died in 834. October 9. -- Mab.
Dida, 23.
Diemudis, 87.
Diey, St., 16.
Digna, St., 156.
Dionysius I'Argentier, 268.
Disibod, St., 22,S.
Doctors, Common. of Holy, 43.
Doda., St., II 1.
Dodo, St., 249. St. Dodo, abbot of Lobbe, in the diocese of Liege, received his education in letters and in the fear of God from St. Ursmar. Obedient to an interior call of grace, he bestowed all his earthly wealth on the church of St. Peter attached to the monastery of Waslere, took the religious habit in that house and for some time was its abbot. After laboring for the sanctification of others he resolved to provide for the welfare of his own soul and for this purpose caused a cell to be built in which he lived as a recluse to the year 737. After the destruction of the monastery of Waslere, his relics were translated to Lobbe. -- Fulcuin in Mab.
Dominic Loricatus, St., 260.
Dominic, St., of Silos, 315.
Dominic, St., of Sora, 20,
Dominic of Vernagolli, 106.
Domitian, St., 164.
Donatus, St., of Monte Vergine, 209.
Donatus, St., of Besancon, 201.
Donatus, St., of Sicily, 252. St. Donatus, a disciple of St. Benedict, suffered martyrdom in Sicily together with St. Placidus, whose feast is celebrated on the fifth of October. October 4. -- Ferrari.
Druthmar, St., 206.
Dulcard, St., 267.
Dunstan, St., 134.
Durandus, Ven., 287.



Eadbert, St., 123.
Eanswida, St., 221.
Earkongota, St., 53.
Ebba, St., the Elder, 216.
Ebba, St. the Younger, 91.
Ebbo, St., 218.
Eberhard, St., of Ebersheimmuenster, 205.
Eberhard, St., of Salzburg, 163.
Eberhard, St., of Schaffhausen, 95.
Eberhard, Bl., of Einsiedeln, 206.
Eberhard, of Villers, 175.
Ebremund, St., 153.
Ebrulf, St., 322.
Edburga, St., 320.
Edelburga, St., 177.
Ediltrudis, St., 164.
Edith, St., 235.
Egbert, St., of Iona, 110.
Egbert, of Trier, 305.
Egbert, of Villers, 269.
Egelnothus, St., 270.
Egelrod, Ven. 244.
Egil, Ven., 144.
Egino, Ven., 184.
Egward, 219.
Egwin, St., 323.
Ehrentrudis, St., 169.
Eigil, Ven., 200.
Eleutherius, St., 104.
Elfget, Ven., 244.
Elfleda, St., of Ramsey, 270.
Elfleda, St. of Strenshall, 27.
Elfeda (Elfleda): OSB. died 714. Daughter of Oswy, King of Northumbria. Abbess of Whitby, succeeding St. Hilda, "one of the most influential personages of her time and was instrumental in reconciling Sts. Theodore and Wilfrid," feast 8 Feb.
Elias, St. of Cordova, 102.
Elias, St. of Sainte-Foi, 323.
Elias, Bl., of Cologne, 99.
Elizabeth, St., of Schonau, I 60.
Elizabeth Rose, St., 309.
Elizabeth, of Spalbeke, 264.
Ellinger, 129.
Eloquius, St., 300.
Elphege (Alphege), St., of Canterbury, 104.
Elphege, St., of Winchester, 71.
Ely, Nuns, of, martyrs, 283.
Elzearius, St., 149.
Emilian, St., of St. Millan, 281.
Emilian, St., of Saligny, 285.
Emmerius, St., 25.
Emmo, 219.
Eneco, St., 146.
Engelbert, Bl. of Zulpich, '317.
Engelbert, Ven., of Admont, 128.
Engelmund, St., 163.
English Congregation, 138.
Epiphania, St., 254. St. Epiphania, a nun at Pavia, was the daughter of the Lombard King Rachis, but scorned the honors of this life to serve her heavenly Lord in humility and obscurity. She passed to her eternal reward about 795. October 6. -- Ferrari.
Erconwald, St., 116.
Erembert, St., 130.
Erhard, St., 7.
Erich, St., 165.
Erizzo, 39.
Erkenbodo, St., 99.
Erluin, Ven., 204.
Ermenburga, St.,
Ermenfrid, St., 244.
Ermenilda, St., (Ermengild), died c. 700; daughter of St. Sexburga and King Erconbert of Kent. "exercised a truly Christian influence" over her husband King Wulfhere of Mercia. When widowed, she went to Minster in Sheppey, succeeding her mother as abbess; also abbess at Ely; feast: 13 Feb., 44.
Ermin, St., 111.
Erminold, St., 5.
Ernest, Ven., of Neresheim, 182.
Esterwin, St., 64.
Ethelburga, St., of Barking, 257.
Ethelburga, St., of Lyming, 93.
Etheldrita, St., 197.
Ethelwald, St., 80.
Ethelwold, St., of Lindisfarne, 42.
Ethelwold, St., of Winchester, 196.
Etto, St., 178.
Eucherius, St., of Lerins, 287.
Eucherius, St. of Orleans, 49.
Eudo, St., 288.
Eugene Ill. Bl., Pope, 178.
Eugene, Bl., of Toledo, 282.
Eugenia, St., 235.
Euphemia, Bl., 159.
Eusebia, St., of Hamay, 74.
Eusebia, St., of Marseilles, 248.
Eusebius, Bl., of Mt.St. Victor. 28.
Eusebius, of Venice, 40.
Eustasius, St., 86.
Evrard, Ven., 30.

Exaltation of the Holy Cross, "St. Benedict is said to have possessed a fragment of the true Cross of Christ and to have given three particle to St. Maurus who deposited them at Glanfeuil. Other particles passed into the possession of the monastery of Elnon in the Netherlands, Melk in Austria, Scheyern and Oberalteich in Bavaria, Wiblingen and Weingarten in Suabia, Kalenberg in Poland, and Gellon in Languedoc," 234.

Ezzo, 171.


Falco, 150.
Famianus, St., 202
Fandila, St., 156.
Fara, St., 303.
Faustus, St., of Monte Cassino, 45.
Faustus, St., of Syracuse, 227.
Felix, St., of Cordova, 156.
Felix, St., of Fritzlar, 149.
Felix, Bl., of Chieti, 80.
Felix of Fleury, 67.
Felix O'Dullany, 22.
Ferdinand, Bl., 149.
Feuillants, Congregation of, 122.
Fibitius, St., 275.
Fingenius, Ven., 254. Ven. Fingenius, abbot of St. Felix at Metz, was a native of Ireland, and came to Germany in the days of emperor Lothair. Bishop Theodoric detained him in Metz, where he became a monk. He was made abbot of the monasteries of St. Felix and St. Symphorian at Metz and of St. Victor at Verdun and died after a meritorious life in 1004. October 7. -- Mab.
Fintanus, St., 283.
Fiore, Congregation of 217.
Firmanus, St., 69.
Fitweten, St., 307.
Florbert, St., of Mont Blandin 272.
Florbert, of Corbie, 175.
Florus, Bl., 213.
Foilanus, St., 271.
Fontevrault, Order of, 293,
Forannan, St., 116.
Fortis, Bl., 126.
Franca, St., 111.
Frances of Rome, St., 6G.
Francis Leuthner, 231.
Francis Levorot, 320.
Fredegand, St., 185.
Frederic, Bl., of St. Vaast, 6.
Frederic, Ven., of Hirschau, 49.
French Congregation, 223.
Frideswida, St., 263.
Frodobert, St., 1.
Frodoin, 127.
Froilan, St., 251. St. Froilan, bishop of Leon in Spain, was a native of Lugo in Galicia. At the age of eighteen he entered a monastery in which he spent several years in the study of the spiritual life, then dwelt several years in a solitude and preached to the people. His fame was spread abroad and a number of disciples gathered about him to be instructed in the warfare of the spirit. King Ramirus of Leon requested him to build a monastery and pray for the welfare of the country in those distracted times. He foundetl Tabara and, somewhat later, Morerola, where he ruled a community of two hundred monks. At the in­stance of King Veremund he was elected bishop of Leon, which see he governed sixteen years to the day of his death in 1095. October 3. -- Mab.; Boll.
Frongentius, St., 224.
Frowin, Bl., 84.
Fructuosus, St., 102.
Fulcard, Ven., 279.
Fulco, Bl., 319.
Fulgentius, St., 306.
Fulrad, St., 184.
Furseus, St., 15.

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