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Page numbers refer to A Benedictine Martyrology: being a revision of Rev. Peter Lechner's Ausführliches Martyrologium des Benedictiner-Ordens und seiner Verzweigungen by Alexius Hoffmann, O.S.B. (Collegeville, MN: St. John's Abbey, 1922).


The hypertext links used to refer to the proper entries in Calendar of Christian Historical Biographies, a reference page to biographies written over several years' time by James Kiefer for the old Christia Discussion List. Mr. Kiefer has changed locations for most of the files, and this OSB section is scehduled for a comprehensive review and re-ordering as well.

Traditionally, information about the saints has been ordered by the date of the Saint's or Blessed's feast day, usually, but not always, the date of the venerated person's death. This is the order of entries used by Lechner and Hoffmann as well before the thorough revision of the Roman Calendar in 1969.


Galdric, 47.
Galganus, St., 300.
Gall, St., 261.
Garcias de Cisneros, 295.
Garinus, Bl., 127.
Gaudentius, St., 5.
Gaufridus, 30.
Gauzelin, 267.
Gebizo, St., 265.
Gelasius II, Pope, 26.
Gelasius O'Cullenan, 289.
Genesius, St., of Besue, 136.
Genesius, St., of Lyons, 272.
Gennadius, St., 139.
George Gervase, 98.
George, Knights of St., 110.
George, St., of Vabres, 152.
Gerald, St., 93.
Gerard, St., of Besue, 136.
Gerard, St., of Braga, 301.
Gerard, St., of Brogne, 251.St. Gerard, abbot of Brogne in the diocese of Namur in Belgium, was the son of an Austrasian nobleman. While attending Count Berengar of Namur, he was one day returning from the chase and paused to say a prayer in the church at Brogne, where a vision directed him to renovate that church and enrich it with the relics of St. Eugene. Shortly after, he chanced to be in Paris on affairs of state and while attending the offices at St. Denys heard the reader of the martyrology announce that the remains of St. Eugene reposed in that venerable sanctuary. To his question how he might come into possession of these relics he was told that they could be purchased for no earthly price. He understood and became a monk at St. Denys, and though advanced beyond the years of youth learned the elements of the Latin language like a schoolboy. Ten years later he was ordained priest, and now he submitted his request for the relics of St. Eugene, which were given him for the monastery of Brogne. He introduced the Rule of St. Benedict into that house, for a short time instructed the brethren in monastic observance, then retired to a cell to devote himself to the concerns of his own soul. He was not allowed to remain hidden long, for at the request of Duke Gilbert he proceeded to reform the canons regular at St. Guislin, a task which he accomplished by turning it into a Benedictine monastery. At the instance of Duke Arnold he undertook the general supervision of all the monasteries of Flanders, in all of which he restored exemplary discipline. His beneficial influence extended even to Lorraine, Champagne and Picardy. For twenty-two years he was unceasingly active in the prosecution of the noble work for which he had been chosen. Finally he made a pilgrimage to Rome to secure the approval of his reform. He revisited all his monasteries, and then retired to a cell where he remained to the day of his holy death in 959. His re­mains rest at Brogne. October 3. -- Mab.; Boll.; Butler.
Gerard, St., of Macon, 143.
Gerard Sagredo, St., 242.
Gerard, Bl., of Clairvaux, 156.
Gerard, of Cluny, 302.
Gerard, of Fontenelle, 296.
Gerbert, of Fontenelle, 225.
Geremar, St., 242.
Germanus, St., of Granfel, 50.
Germanus, St., of Taloire, 105.
Gerold, St., 105.
Gertrude, St., of Hamay, 302.
Gertrude, St., of Nivelle, 75.
Gertrude the Great, St., 285.
Gervinus, St., 61.
Gerwald, St., 138.
Gerwinus, Bl., 103.
Gilbert, the Great, 263.
Gingurian, St., 244.
Girard, St., 274.
Gisela, Ven., 124.
Gisla, Ven., 228.
Gislemar, St., 145.
Gislenus, St., 255. St. Gislenus, abbot of the monastery of Zell in Hainaut, was born in Athens, in Greece, and received his education in that famous home of learning. He became a Basilian monk, and, after he had been ordained priest, obtained leave to make a pilgrimage to Rome. On his way a vision instructed him to go to a country, called Hainaut, there to build a church in honor of SS. Peter and Paul and to dwell near it to the end of his days. He did not delay to obey the directions, and travelled to Hainaut with two companions, Lambert and Bellirius. Under the direction of Bishop Amandus, he cleared a place for a cell, but subsequently chose to settle at Ursidong, where with permission of Bishop Autbert of Cambrai he built a church in honor of SS. Peter and Paul. King Dagobert granted him some lands for a monastery. His holy life edified the people, many of whom, including Waldetrudis and her sister Aldegundis and their daughters Aldetrudis and Waldeberta, placed themselves under his spiritual guidance. Blessed by the poor and the afflicted whom he had be­ friended, he died in the monastery which he had dedicated to the Apostles and which was later called St. Gislin, in the year 681. October 9. -- Mab.
Gobert, Bl., 212.
Goderannus, 201.
Godefrid von Cortebeke, 195.
Godfrey, St., of Amiens, 278.
Godfrey, Bl., of Corvey, 280.
Godfrey, Bl., of Langres, 190.
Godfrey, Bl., of Villers, 250. Bl. Godfrey, a Cistercian monk at Villers in Brabant, had been a monk at St. Pantaleon in Cologne, but, believing that he could attain perfection with greater security as a Cistercian, entered that Order and edified his breth­ ren by his singularly virtuous conduct as a priest and sacristan to the time of his death in 1170. October 2. -- John d'Assigny; Caes. of Heisterbach. Also called Godfridus.
Godfrey, Bl., (Pachomius,) 250. Bl. Godfrey, another Cistercian monk at Villers in Brabant, was called Pachomius on account of his virtues and miracles. He was a native of Louvain, and as a youth became a canon regular at St. Gertrude's in that city. Later he entered the Order of Citeaux, which at the time was still in its first fervor and was attracting wide attention. He spent forty-seven years at Villers, steadily progressing in virtue and merit. Like St. Bernard, he was a devout client of the Blessed Virgin. He died in the year 1197. October 2. -- Aubert Le Mire; Arnold de Raisse.
Godfrey, of Winchester, 321.
Godhard, St., 121.
Godo, St., 190.
Goderic, St., 135.
Gomez, Ven., 135.
Gordian, Bl., 76.
Goslin, St., 43.
Goswin, 102.
Gradulph, Ven., 64.
Gregorian College, 133.
Gregory I., St., Pope 70.
Gregory II., St., Pope, 43.
Gregory VII., St., Pope, 138.
Gregory, St., of Ostia, 126.
Gregory, St., of Terracina, 308.
Gregory, St., of Utrecht, 215.
Gregory, Bl., of Einsiedeln, 278.
Gregory, Bl., of Nonantula, 198.
Grimbald, St., 177.
Grumain, Martyrs of 273.
Guarinus, St., 13.
Guenther, St., 255. St. Guenther, monk and hermit at Niederaltaich in Bavaria, was of illustrious descent, but spent the years of his youth in frivolity and sin. Having been touched by the grace of God, he prostrated himself at the feet of abbot Gotthard of Hirschfeld and confessed his faults. He accompanied that abbot to Niederaltaich, there completed the work of his conversion, but did not take the religious habit before he had made a pilgrimage to Rome. His progress in virtue was so rapid that his superiors were filled with amazement. Having been permitted to embrace the eremitical state, he first made his abode at Ran- ...... October 9.
Guichard, 193.
Guichard, 263.
Guibert, St., 137.
Guido, St., of Casauria, 290.
Guido, St., of Pomposa, 88, 9 1.
Guinizo, 141.
Guitmar, St., 69.
Gumbert, St., 50.
Gundekar, Bl., 97.
Gundrada, Bl., 2.
Gundulf, 66.
Gunfrid, 295.
Guntard, Bl., 304.
Gunthar, Ven., 324.
Guntildis, 51.
Gunzelin, 93.
Gurloesius, St., 216.
Guthlac, St., 98.
Gwerwich, Bl., 253. Bl. Gwerwich, descended from an illustrious family in Westphalia, severely wounded his friend Count Theobald of Vohenberg in a tournament and to atone for his careless life entered the monastery of Siburg. Subsequently he and his friend Theobald founded the monastery of Waldsassen and introduced the Cistercian rule. Gwerwich died as a monk of Waldsassen about the year 1200. October 5. -- Bruschius.


Habentius, St., 150.
Haberilla, St., 28.
Hadelin, St., 32.
Hadeloga, St., 31.
Hadulphus, St., 134.
Haimodis, 295.
Haimon, St., 44.
Halinard, Ven., 193.
Harlindis, St., 259.
Hartman, Bl., 317.
Hartwich, Ven., 202.
Harveus, Bl., 203.
Hathebrand, St., 194.
Hatto, Bl., 174.
Haymo, 85.
Hazeka, Bl., 24.
Hedwig, St., 261.
Heldradus, St., 71.
Helinward, 312.
Helladius, St., 47.
Heluisa, Bl., 42.
Helveto [Swiss]-American Congregation, (est. 30 Sep. 1870; erected 5 April 1881), 94.
Hedda, St., of Dorchester, 177.
Hedda, Ven., of Medehamstede, 245.
Henry, Bl., of Pontida, 302.
Henry, Bl., of Witskeld, 42.
Henry, Ven., of Luebeek, 279.
Henry de Marcy, card., 290.
Henry, of Heisterbach, 280.
Henry, of Hemmenrode, 51.
Henry, of Ochsenhausen, 274.
Henry, of Villers, 94.
Henry, of Villers, 266.
Herbert, St., of Rennes, :106.
Herbert, St., of Wearmotith, 57.
Herchantrudis, St., 131.
Hereswida, St., 298.
Hereswitha, Ven., 223.
Herluin, Ven., 218.
Herman, Contractus, Ven., 187.
Herman, Ven., of Marienberg, 219.
Herman, Bl.., of Cologne, 323.
Herman, of Niederaltaich, 321.
Herman, of Villers, 92.
Hermeland St., 82.
Herveus, 252. Herveus, a Cistercian abbot of Ourchamps, was of the blood of the Frankish kings and even as a child was deeply attached to St. Bernard, who foretold his future sanctity. Herveus became a monk at Ourchamps and made such praiseworthy progress in virtue that he was elected to succeed abbot Valeranus. He died in 1124. October 4. -- Gaufrid; Vincent of Beauvais.
Higbald, 189.
Hilary, St., 214.
Hilda, St., 286.
Hildebert, Ven., 137.
Hildeburg, Ven., 147.
Hildegardis (b. 1098, Hildegard von Bingen), St.; Abbess of Bingen, 237.
Hildegrim, St., 160.
Hildegundis, St., 106.
Hildelita, St., 81.
Hildeman, St., 307.
Hildemarca, St., 267.
Hildulph, St., 180.
Hiltrudis, St., of Bingen, 286.
Hiltrudis, St., of Liessics, 245.
Hincmar, Ven., 63.
Himmana, 27.
Hogerus, 316.
Holy Cross (Poland), Congreg. of the, (extinct; approved 22 May 1709), 137.
Holy Ghost (Suabian), Congreg. of the, (extinct; approved 28 June 1725), 169.
Homodeus, 241.
Honoratus, St., 15.
Hucbald, 321.
Hugbert, St., 144.
Hugh, St. (see St. Hugo of Cluny 115)
Hugh Faringdon, 298.
Hugh Lantenas, 78.
Hugo, St., of Anzy-le-duc., 106.
Hugo, St., of Auxerre, 203.
Hugo, St., of Bonnevaux, 90.
Hugo, St., of Cluny, 30 April, 115.
Hugo, St., of Grenoble, 90.
Hugo, St., of Marchiennes, 154.
Hugo, St., of Rouen, 97.
Hugo, Bl., of Tennebach, 321.
Hugo Norwold, Ven., 203.
Hugo, of Cluny, 224.
Hugo, abbot in Rome, 299.
Humbelina, St., 43.
Humbert, 228.
Humiliati, Order of the 144.
Humilitas, St., 136.
Huna, St., 76.
Hunechildis, Bl., 304.
Hunegundis, St., 216.
Hunfrid, St., 65.


Ida, Bl., of Nivelle, 307.
Ida, Ven., of Louvain, 100.
Idesbald, Bl., 104.
Ildephonse, St., 21.
Ildephonse Cardinal Schuster (1880-1940), Ven.
Ilduara, Bl., 315.
Immaculate Conception, Feast of the, 304.
Ina, St., 35.
Irmengard, Bl., 184.
lrmina, St., 318.
Isaac, St., of Braunau, 281.
Isaac, St., of Cordova, 147.
Isembard, 50.
Isidore, St., 102.
Iso, 130.
Isthmido, St., 295.
Isthmus, St., 295.
Ithamar, St., 9.
Itta, Bl., 124,


Jacobina de Blemur, Ven., 91.
James, Bl., of Parano, 127.
James of Certaldo, Bl, 100.
James ab Herculano., 230.
James de Graffl, Ven., 264.
James Gerius, Ven., 200.
Jarento, Ven., 40.
Jaspard de Winek, Ven., 46.
Jeremias, St., 160.
Jerome Arminius, 303.
Jerome of Corsica, 293.
Jerome of Prague, Bl., 193.
Jerome Theisen (1930-1995), Abbot Primate.
Joachim, Bl., of Fiore, 143.
Joachim, Ven., of Maria-Zell, 128.
Joan de Lestonnac, St., b. Bordeaux, France, 17th c, an abused child (because of her religious faith); married happily, four children; at age 47 (after husband's death) entered a Cistercian abbey; dismissed from there because of ill health, she founded a Benedictine-based community of women "to counteract the evils of Calvinism", primarily by teaching young girls; eventually she was deposed by her own nuns and physically abused by them, feast, 2 Feb.
Joanna, of Bagnorea, 15.
Joanna, of Marquette, 302.
Jodocus, St., 308.
Jodocus Palmieri, 38.
Joanna M. Bonomo, Bl., 51.
Joel, Bl., of Pulsano, 23.
John Apulus, St., 51.
John de Matera, St., 162.
John de Meda, St., 244.
John Francardus, St., 292.
John Gualbertus, St., 181.
John the Baptist, St., 165.
John, St., monk in Rome, 286.
John of Beverley, St., 123.
John, St., of Braunau, 281.
John, St., of Gubbio, 227.
John, St., of Mecklenburg, 280.
John, St., of Monte Marano, 208.
John, St., of Moyenmoutier, 188.
John, St., of Parma, 136.
John, St., of Poland, 285.
John, St., of Rome, 16.
John, St., of St. Malo, 30.
John, St., of Valence, 113.
John, Bl., of Aune, 268.
John, Bl., of Gorze, 57.
John, Bl., of Monte Vergine, 128.
John Beach, Bl., 298.
John de Surdis, Bl., 74.
John de Montmirail, Bl., 247.
John Eustachius, Bl., 240.
John of Montfort, Bl., 137.
John Rainuzzi, Bl., 151.
John Zurita, Bl. 317.
John I. Ven., of Monte Cassino, 89.
John III, Ven., of Monte Cassino, 76.
John Chianones, Ven., 151.
John Dederoth, Ven., 189.
John de la Barriere, 114
John Roberts, Ven., 306.
John Bassandus, 217.
John Feckenham, 200.
John Gersen, 172.
John Gradenicus, 62.
John Rugg, 290.
John Thorne, 290.
John Tritheim (Trithemius), 309.
John of Caramola, 235.
John of Casamare, 46.
John of Citeaux, 210.
John of Ghent, 65.
John II., of Monte Cassino, 72.
John, of Salzburg, 46.
John, Knights of St., 165.
Jonatus, St., 196.
Jordan, Bl., 226.
Jordan Forzate, Bl., 201.
Joscio, Bl., 297.
Joseph of St. Germanus, Ven., 150.
Joseph, Congregation of St., (extinct; est. at Constance 19 Mar. 1568; approved 1603), 77.
Judith, Bl., 169.
Juetta, Bl., of Huy, 12.
Julian de Pereiro, Knights of St., 3.
Juliana, St., 257.
Juliana, Bl., of Venice, 223.
Junian, St., 205.
Justina, Bl., 71.
Justina, Congregation of St., (now Cassinese; feast of St. Justina on 23 Nov., founded by Abbot Luigi Barbo in 1408, approved 1432), 291.
Justus, St., 279.
Jutta, St., 317.


Knights of Alcantara, 3.
Knights of Calatrava, 60.
Knights of Christ, 126.
Knights of Montesia, 17.
Knights of St. George, 110.
Knights of St. John, 165.
Knights of St. Stephen, 30.
Knights Templars, 13.
Kyneburga, St., 64.
Kynedrida, St., 64.
Kyneswida, St., 64.


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