The Order of Saint Benedict

The Oblates' Prayer


O Loving God,
I ask your blessing this day
on all the Oblates of Saint Benedict
and those with whom we are affiliated.

Help us to become people
of prayer and peace.

Though scattered far and wide,
help us to be together
in the spirit of your love.
Give us hearts wide enough
to embrace each other
as well as those
whose lives we touch.
Enable us to listen and to learn
from each other
and those around us each day.
May we be models
in our homes, neighborhoods,
and communities
of wise stewardship,
dignified human labor,
sacred leisure,
and reverence for all living things.

Above all, O God, may our presence
among others
be a constant witness of justice,
compassion, and hope to all. Amen.


(Alliance for International Monasticism prayer; adapted by Sue Walkoviak,
oblate of St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, MN)


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