"Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ."
--Rule of St. Benedict

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Monks with the Abbot Primate  

<<< Monks and Abbot Primate Dr. Notker Wolf OSB.


>>> Welcoming the Abbot Primate to Katibunga with song and dance.

Joyous welcome for Abbot Primate Notker Wolf OSB
New irrigation ditch

"Christians must learn to sharpen their distinctive Christian judgment. The rich must be critical amid their own surroundings of affluence: why are they wealthy and why next door are there so many poor. A wealthy Christian will find there the beginning of conversation, in a personal questioning: Why am I rich and all around me are so many that hunger?"

--Bishop Oscar Romero    

All human development depends on loving and being loved.

<<< Brothers Simeon Musonda OSB and Anthony Mutale OSB make profession of solmen monastic vows. They prostrate themselves on the floor of the sanctuary while the other monks chant the Litany of the Saints.

>>> Father Robert Lavertu, Administator for the Diocese of Mpika joins Abbot Thadei and the monks.

<<< Abbot Thadei Mhagama OSB embraces the newly professed and ordained.

>>> Brothers Simeon and Anthony flank newly ordained Father Ignasius Mwaba OSB with Brother Barnabas Mukantemwa OSB at right.

Children from the village.

Sunday Mass.

Girls from the Central School with their teacher.

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