Gregory the Great.

Dialogues, Book 2:

Life of Benedict.

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THE DIALOGUES of Saint Gregory

PROLOGUE (spoken by Gregory):

CHAPTER ONE: How he made a broken sieve whole and sound.

CHAPTER TWO: How he overcame a great temptation of the flesh.

CHAPTER THREE: How Benedict, by the sign of the Holy Cross, broke a drinking-glass in pieces.

CHAPTER FOUR: How Benedict reformed a monk that would not stay at his prayers.

CHAPTER FIVE: Of a fountain that sprung forth in the top of a mountain, by the prayers of the man of God.

CHAPTER SIX: How the iron head of a bill, from the bottom of the water, returned to the handle again.

CHAPTER SEVEN: How Maurus walked on the water.

CHAPTER EIGHT: How a loaf was poisoned, and carried far off by a crow.

CHAPTER NINE: How venerable Benedict, by his prayer, removed a huge stone.

CHAPTER TEN: Of the fantastical fire, which burnt the kitchen.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: How venerable Benedict revived a boy, crushed to death with the ruin of a wall.

CHAPTER TWELVE: How by revelation venerable Benedict knew that his monks had eaten out of the monastery.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Of the brother of Valentinian the monk, whom the man of god blamed for eating on his journey.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: How the dissimulation of King Totila was discovered and found out by venerable Benedict.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: How venerable Benedict prophesied taking Totila, and also to the Bishop of Camisina, such things as were afterward to fall out.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Of a certain clergyman, whom venerable Benedict for a time delivered from a devil.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: How the man of God, Benedict, did foretell the suppression of one of his own abbeys.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: How blessed Benedict knew the hiding away of a flagon of wine.

CHAPTER NINETEEN: How the man of God knew that one of his monks had received certain handkerchiefs.

CHAPTER TWENTY: How holy Benedict knew the proud thought of one of his monks.

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Of two hundred bushels of meal, found before the man of God's cell.

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: How, by vision, venerable Benedict disposed the building of the Abbey of Terracina.

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Of certain nuns absolved after their death.

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: Of a boy that after his burial was cast out of his grave.

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: How a monk, forsaking the abbey, met with a dragon in the way.

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: How holy Benedict cured a boy of leprosy.

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: How Benedict found money miraculously to relieve a poor man.

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: How a cruet of glass was thrown on the stones, and not broken.

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: How an empty barrel was filled with oil.

CHAPTER THIRTY: How Benedict delivered a monk from the devil.

CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: Of a country fellow, that, with the only sight of the man of God, was loosed from his bands.

CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO: How by prayer venerable Benedict raised up a dead child.

CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE: Of a miracle wrought by his sister Scholastica.

CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR: How Benedict saw the soul of his sister ascend into heaven.

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE: How he saw the whole world represented before his eyes; and also the soul of Germanus, Bishop of Capua, ascending to heaven.

CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX: How holy Benedict wrote a rule for his monks.

CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN: How venerable Benedict did prophesy to his monks the time of his own death.

CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT: How a mad woman was cured in his cave.


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