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[OSB arms]An American Benedictine Armorial: Part Two

by Dom William Wilfrid Bayne OSB ChLJ - Part 1
Appendix by Rev. Guy Selvester


(from Einsiedeln)

[SMA arms]

14. St. Meinrad's Archabbey, St. Meinrad, Indiana. Arms: Azure, a ship with one sail argent, the mast terminating in a cross, the sail charged with the Greek letters Chi Rho sable, resting on a sea barry wavy of six argent and azure; on a chief or two eagles rising to dexter sable.

15. New Subiaco Abbey, Subiaco, Arkansas. Arms: Or, two eagles flying in pale sable, each charged with a roundel or charged with four annulets conjoined sable, a bordure engrailed also sable. A variation of the arms of Einsiedeln.

[NSA arms]

[SJosA arms]

16. St. Joseph's Abbey, St. Benedict, Louisiana. Arms: Azure, a cross throughout or between four lilies slipped argent, on a roundel or at the fess point a raven sable.

17. Blue Cloud Abbey, Marvin, South Dakota. Arms: Parted per fess: 1. Azure, an antique crown above two snowflakes, in base a bordure nebulée all argent; 2. Or, two eagles flying in pale sable. The eagles are drawn as they would be represented by an Indian artist.

[BCA arms]

[MA arms]

18. Marmion Abbey, Aurora, Illinois. Arms: Or, in base a sea azure, rising therefrom a sun with five rays throughout gules, in chief two eagles flying sable.

19. Conception Abbey, Conception, Missouri. Arms: Azure, three fleurs-de-lis, two and one, argent, in chief a star of eight points or charged with a monogram of the Blessed Virgin sable.

[CA arms]

[SBA arms]

20. St. Benedict's Abbey, Benet Lake, Wisconsin. Arms: Gules, a cross moline argent, in base a sea barry wavy argent and azure; on a chief vert three garbs or.

21. St. Pius X Priory, Pevely, Missouri. Arms: Azure, in base a sea barry wavy argent and azure, over all in pale an anchor surmounted by a mullet or, in chief two crosses moline argent. These arms are based upon those of Pope Saint Pius X.

[SPX arms]


[SGG arms]

22. Priory of St. Gregory the Great, Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Arms: Parted per chevron sable and argent, two lions rampant affrontée counterchanged supporting in chief a roundel argent charged with a cross throughout or. These arms are a variation of those attributed to St. Gregory the Great.

23. St. Anselm's Priory, Washington, D. C. Arms: Argent, on a cross sable between twelve drops of blood a crescent of the field; a bordure engrailed gules. [St. Anselm's has been elevated to the status of an abbey. R.O.]

[SAA arms]

[SLA arms]

24. St. Louis Priory, Crevecoeur, Missouri. Arms: Per fess dancettée or and azure, a chief parted per pale, dexter, Gules, a rose argent, sinister, Azure, three fleurs-de-lis, two and one, or. These arms are a variation of those of Ampleforth Abbey Yorkshire, England, the mother house. The white rose is the badge of the House of York, the fleurs-de-lis are from the arms of St. Louis, King of France. [St. Louis has been elevated to the status of an abbey. R.O.]


[MSP arms]

25. Mount Saviour Priory, Elmira, New York (Joined to American-Cassinese Congregation, 2004). Arms: Azure, the sacred monogram, Chi Rho, between the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, in base a tremont all gold.

26. Mount Angel Abbey, St. Benedict, Oregon. Arms: Or, rising from a terrage in base vert a tremont sable surmounted by a patriarchal cross gules, behind the tremont three barrulets gules. (impaled with the arms of the Abbey of Engelberg).

[MAA arms]

The arms of St. Benedict's Abbey, Benet Lake, Mount Angel Abbey, Mount Saviour Priory, St. Louis Priory, and St. Pius X Priory were designed by the author. This article originally appeared in Liturgical Arts 31:1 (November 1962) 10-11.
The arms of the Order of Saint Benedict (Vert [often azure], a tremont [vert] in base supporting a patriarchal cross or, over all in fess the word PAX also gold) adorn the head of this article.

Some of the Priories mentioned in this article have been raised to the rank of Abbey. St. Pius X Priory and Holy Cross Abbey have been dissolved. R.O.]

Selvester, Rev. Guy. Priest, Heraldic Artist & Designer.


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